Amir lustig

will amaze you !   

Who is Amir Lustig ?

He Lives on the edge, not long ago caught a bullet with his bare teeth but despite the fact describes himself as being an extremely sensitive individual and is able to get very emotional and  cry from anything.

He managed to learn “just” a few things such as Shiatsu,Acupuncture, tap dancing, pottery, engineering and management,Philosophy and business.

He competed for the title of "The successor" in the hit TV show "The Next Uri Geller"- On Israel's prime time channel 2.

He had also participated in various TV specials on channel 10 and channel two in shows like “Hidden Thoughts”, “Unperceivable” and” Psycho“.

Amir does not believe in "Supernatural" powers and bases his abilities on strong intuition,

the skill of reading certain body language tells and relies upon subtle suggestive influence as well.

About the show

Amir Lustig, a performing  artist with over 25 years of experience in the fields of Magic and Mentalism.


Amir is a true professional in every sense of the word,

he has a special interpersonal interaction with the audience.

The humor and sophistication are part of his shows .

he has a lot of experience accumulated throughout the years in the  fields of Mentalism, Mind reading and the Occult.

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